Many years ago, maybe 2000, I went to a car show with my dad and brothers.  I entered a couple of drawings and a month later got a call that I had won a bike.   I have ridden her very little over the years.  Melissa got more use out of her than I did.  After two moves and lots of neglect, I finally took my bike in to get her tuned up.  I had become inspired by my amazing aunt that I have reconnected with and also hearing that love another friend had for her two wheeled companion.

I looked around for her online, but she appears to be too old to list. only goes back to 2002, but the model I have appears to be a 1998 Gitche Gumee.  Notice there are no pics.  A Google search turns up very little as well.  This is the Gitche that gets me around:

The orange really stands out and has not faded in all these years.  There are a few scratches, but these were mostly from my DW shoving the bike in the trunk of the Camry for lack of a bike rack.  The only things I have modified are the seat and tires.  I put a slightly wider, comfier seat as well as fatter, smoother road tires.  I find  I look forward to getting on her now, even in the heat.

I hope to start using her to commute to work.  I work about 13 miles from my home, but there are some pretty treacherous roads between me and my goal.  I am only a bout 3 miles from the TRE, and 2 miles from the TRE station to my job.  That might be an option, but it is $7.50 to ride the train. :-(

I am not a MAMIL by any means, but I am only getting started, so we'll see.